Impression Exhibition ‘Footwear in Ancient Egypt’ Leiden 2013

Much is known about Ancient Egypt, in particular in matters concerning religion and everything dealing with life after death, like mummies. Much less is known about daily life, and in particular about the lives of ‘ordinary’ Egyptians. How did these people live? How did they make a living? What type of clothing did they wear?

The exhibition Footwear in Ancient Egypt focuses on a small, but important aspect of daily life: sandals and shoes. Apart from offering protection, footwear was important also in terms of status and symbolism as the determining factors of who could wear what. In addition, footwear may also provide much information about people’s health.

The exhibition presents footwear through the ages. Attention is paid to the technology and organization of production of footwear, as well as to its symbolic value. The exhibition deals with sandals and shoes from all layers of society: from soldier to king, and from peasant to priest. Apart from information panels, the exhibition features reconstructions, among which one of the shoes of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, as well as original sandals.

(Translation by Rudolf de Jong)

Photography by Adri ‘t Hooft Photographic Services