Welcome to the official website of the Ancient Egyptian Footwear Project (AEFP), the Ancient Egyptian Leatherwork Project (AELP) and the PalArch Foundation. Here, you will find relevant information on the research projects, including the objectives, methodology and researchers. It includes also a list of publications related to these Projects as well as images of (some of) the objects. The page of the PalArch Foundation includes the history of the Foundation, a description of the objectives and updates on the activities. Also, you can download the Foundations publications in the fields of Egyptology, vertebrate palaeontology and the archaeology of northwest Europe.

This site has no options to contact me. Instead, you can contact me with queries, suggestions and the like through email: veldmeijer.at.leatherandshoes.nl.

Dwingeloo 14 December 2020

André J. Veldmeijer