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The PalArch Foundation

News from the Chairman

16 December 2020

Dear visitor,

As you can read below, the PalArch Foundation started its publishing activities 17 years ago. Initially, there were two journals, PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology (PJAEE; ISSN 1567-214X) and PalArch’s Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology (PJVP; ISSN 1567-2158). Some time later, another journal, PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Northwest Europe (ISSN 15733939), was established.

The journals were among the earliest peer-reviewed free-access online journals in the fields. Since the inception there have been numerous papers, book reviews and scientific discussion published in it. 

Recently, the Foundation’s journals, have been taken over by OAText. The new owner widened the scope of PJAEE and altered the procedures. PJAEE is thus not exclusively publishing Egyptology-related material anymore. The published work, however, remains accessible for free in the archive on the renewed website (but see below).

Though the journals remain accessible, the PalArch Foundation decided to offer a full list of publications on this new webpage (see below). We will, eventually, offer all published material by the Foundation, thus including book reviews, the Newsletters (ISSN 1872-4582) and the Proceedings (ISSN 1567-2166). The Foundation continues its other work, including the support of Munro’s Archive Project (MAP). 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the Foundation’s board and the members of the editorial board for their commitment over the years and thank the authors for entrusting us to publish their material. We hope that the journals will continue to flourish under OATExt’s new editorial board, and that you will enjoy the new materials that will appear under the new management.

André Veldmeijer
Chairman PalArch Foundation

The Foundation’s Objectives

The goals of the Foundation are to stimulate scientific research in general, and of vertebrate palaeontology, archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology (the Foundation’s name is derived from these two discliplines) and the archaeology of Northwest Europe (Early Palaeolithic to the Medieval period) in particular. Another goal is stimulating research and improving the interaction between researchers in these disciplines. Read more ▼

The PalArch Foundation web based Netherlands scientific journals

The PalArch Foundation wanted to achieve its goals primarily (but not exclusively) by publishing open access, double blind peer reviewed, online scientific journals (PalArch’s Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology [PJVP; ISSN 1567-2158], PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology [PJAEE; ISSN 1567-214X] and PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Northwest Europe [PJANE; ISSN 1573-3939]), that differ from standard journals in its own approach of publishing scientific literature. In 2020 these three journals were transfered to the new owner Open Access Text Ltd. Read more ▼

Founding and Board

The PalArch Foundation was founded on 28 March 2003 in Rotterdam (notary’s office Gregoire, Dorpsweg 203, 3082 LM) by A.J. Veldmeijer, S.M. van Roode, E. Endenburg (= first board) and G. Kuhn. The file number is ® 2003 07 23 01 and it is deposited at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel), registration number: 34188508. If you are interested in the regulations of the PalArch Foundation, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce, De Ruyterkade 5, postbox 2852, 1000 CW, Amsterdam, 0031 (0)20 5314000.

Currently, the board consists of:

André J. Veldmeijer (chairman)
Erno Endenburg (Secretary)
Salima Ikram
Ariel Singer

Publishing 2003-2020

A large number of papers have been published by the Foundation during the years 2003-2020 in the Foundation’s PJVP, PJAEE and PJANE. Other publications by the Foundation include the Newsletter (published between 2003 and 2009) and Proceedings (published between 2003 and 2006). Below, all publications are listed alphabetically on author. Papers published in the journals are free to download from the website The proceedings and Newsletters can be downloaded below.


Author, Year, Issue, Page Nos., Title, Abstract

Andrews, C.A.R. 2004: 1, 2: 17-20. An unusual inscribed amulet.

Amulets in the shape of an obelisk are surprisingly rare; one which is inscribed with the names and titles of its owner may well be unique. Even the titles themselves, firmly dated by the amulet’s form, are otherwise unknown.


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Author, Year, Issue, Page Nos., Title, Abstract

Albers, P.C.H. 2005: 3, 1: 1-7. A new specimen of Nothosaurus marchicus with features that relate the taxon to Nothosaurus winterswijkensis.

A new incomplete skull of Nothosaurus marchicus was found in the Lower Muschelkalk of Winterswijk below the layers in which Nothosaurus winterswijkensis specimens are normally found. Although this skull resembles N. marchicus more closely than it does N. winterswijkensis it has several features which suggest an intermediate position. The specimen shares with N. marchicus, apart from general size, five teeth preceeding the maxillary fangs, the body of the vomer not extending backwards for a greater distance than the longitudinal diameter of the internal naris and the absence of an anteromedial process of the prefrontal. It shares with N. winterswijkensis however that the prefrontal excludes contact between the maxilla and the frontal, the fifth premaxillary fang being distinctly smaller and the jugal entering (or at least almost entering) the orbit. As all other specimens of N. marchicus originate from localities further to the east and the presumed transgression of the Anisian Muschelkalk is from east to west, it is assumed that N. marchicus is an older species than N. winterswijkensis. Phylogenetic interrelationships however have put N. winterswijkensis at a more basal position than N. marchicus, which has now definitively been proven wrong by the stratigraphy of the Winterswijk finds.


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