Footwear Collection in Coptic Museum Cairo published

It is my pleasure to announce that the “Catalogue of the Footwear in the Coptic Museum (Cairo)”, written together with Salima Ikram (AUC) is published. It is available in cheap pdf and printed form. One can read it for free online in the e-library of the publisher, Sidestone Press (

This catalogue presents the ancient Egyptian footwear in the collection of the Coptic Museum in Cairo. The catalogue contains detailed descriptions and measurements, photographs and drawings. Each description of a footwear category is followed by short discussions, addressing topics such as typology and dating. In addition a fairly large corpus of comparative material is presented as well, none of which has been published before. The present work will form an important resource for future study.This catalogue is one of the results of the Nuffic Tailor Made Training for the curators of the Coptic Museum in Cairo, jointly organized by the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo and the American University in Cairo in close collaboration with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Coptic Museum Authorities and the Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs.