EMCP 2011 season – Iconography report 8 March (Lisa Sabbahy)

Chariot iconography research is well underway. A collection of Eighteenth Dynasty depictions of chariots is basically complete. We are assembling a spreadsheet so that the sources can be easily reviewed and shared, and of course, checked for omissions. Sources included are: temple walls and blocks, private tombs, stelae, and ostraca. We have also been collecting any article or book chapter, which discusses any aspect of chariots in ancient Egypt, and also relevant articles about leather. When the spreadsheet is finished and checked, we will move on to the Ramesside evidence for chariots, a little more daunting task because of all the temple war scenes.

SeeĀ http://www.leatherandshoes.nl/ancient-egyptian-leatherwork-project-aelp/ (scroll down to EMCP for earlier accounts and images).