EMCP 2011-2012 season: text report (Ole Herslund)

The work with texts mentioning chariots and related topics is progressing as planned. So far the focus has been placed on creating a complete overview of attestations of chariots in the written record of the New Kingdom. The information to be gained from the texts is twofold. Firstly, the ancient Egyptian language contained different words for different kinds of chariots as well as a technical terminology comprised by names for chariot parts and associated equipment. Secondly, the textual record allows us to glimpse into the many social contexts in which chariots are attested and can thus help us to place the chariot in a micro-historic framework within New Kingdom society.

Papyrus Harris 500 (P. BM 10060) includes love poems, which indicate the use of chariots as personal, everyday transportation). Courtesy of the British Museum (www.britishmuseum.org).