Chariot Conference NVIC 2012

Selection of images of the First International Chariot Conference, jointly organised by Dr. Salima Ikram of the American University in Cairo and Dr André J. Veldmeijer of the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, took place on Friday 30 November and 1 & 2 December. The conference was held at the NVIC, with specialists from all over the world attending. This exciting conference covered a wide variety of topics (see the abstracts at, although the focus remained on ancient Egyptian chariots. Twenty-two papers were given, including the key-note lecture by Prof. Dr. Joost Crouwel who, back in 1973, studied Tutankhamun’s chariots together with the late Mary Littauer. The objective of the conference was to assess the current knowledge on chariots and pinpoint the lacunae for further study. Thus, research can be directed more precisely to acquire missing knowledge. In this we were successful as the conference served as inspiration for new research, new ideas and as meeting point for scientists. The success of the conference can, perhaps, best be valued by the call for a follow-up conference in due course.

The organisors, André J. Veldmeijer (left) and Salima Ikram (right) with key-note speaker Prof. Crouwel.

Dr. Ian Shaw ‘Ballistic Missiles and Electric Cars: The Differing Aims and Trajectories of Egyptian and Syro-Hittite Chariots’

Dr. Mohamed Raafat Abbas ‘The Diplomatic Role of the Charioteers
in the Ramesside Period’

Dr. Edwin C. Brock: ‘A Possible Chariot Canopy for Tutankhamun’

Dr. Hermann Genz: ‘The Introduction of the Light, Horse-Drawn Chariot and the Role of Archery in the Near East. At the Transition from the Middle to the Late Bronze Ages: Is there a Connection?’

Dr. Ole Herslund: ‘Chariots in the Daily Life of New Kingdom Egypt’

The day after the Conference, the three were spotted in the Military Museum, studying one of the chariots of Tutankhamun.