Post Notification Installed

Dear Visitor,

It took a while but finally the post notification system is installed in order to update you on the proceedings of the Ancient Egyptian Footwear Project (AEFP) and the Ancient Egyptian Leatherwork Project (AELP), including the Egyptian Museum Chariot Project (EMCP). However, we will not notify you with all minor changes; in order to keep the number of notifications limited, we will bundle the news and update the website only several times a year.

I have added the email addresses of:

– those who are or were responsible for the museum collections that have been studied within the framework of the Projects or helped while working;

– those responsible for the excavations of which finds have been studied;

– those who collaborate (or collaborated) other than just mentioned;

– those who expressed their interest in the projects.

If you do not want to receive notifications anymore, please, let me know and you will be removed from the list immediately.

The first update will follow this week.