Update September 2011

Dear colleagues,

Although promised in the post notification message to update the site next week (thus in late July), because of the summer holidays I decided to wait a bit until everybody is in office again.

Ancient Egyptian Leatherwork Project (AELP)

The monograph on the leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit is in press (Sidestone Publishers, www.sidestone.nl). I have uploaded the cover on the AELP page (http://www.leatherandshoes.nl/ancient-egyptian-leatherwork-project-aelp/).

Dr. Ole Herslund (University of Copenhagen) has joined the EMCP to have a close look at chariot-related texts.

Ancient Egyptian Footwear Project (AEFP)

The study of the items in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo will continue this fall; there are still about 35 sandals and other pieces of footwear that needs to be looked at.

The book “Tutankhamun’s Footwear. Studies of Ancient Egyptian Footwear” will be republished by Sidestone Press (www.sidestone.nl) later this year.

Most recent publications are:

2011. Studies of ancient Egyptian footwear. Technological aspects. Part VIII. Fibre, coiled sandals. – Jaarberichten Ex Oriente Lux 43: 57-68.

2011. Leatherwork from Gebel Adda in the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. – Archaeological Leather Group Newsletter 33: 8-11.

For a full list of publications, see page ‘Footwear Project’ (http://www.leatherandshoes.nl/ancient-egyptian-footwear-project-aefp/).

Added to Publications Phase I. Manufacturing Technology at http://www.leatherandshoes.nl/ancient-egyptian-footwear-project-aefp/ are several images of the book presentation (Tutankhamun’s Footwear) in the Allard Pierson Museum (Amsterdam) in May 2010, which was celebrated with a mini-exhibition ‘Archaeology Meets Design’. Here, several reconstructions of Egyptian-Roman and Egyptian-Christian footwear and one of Tutankhamun’s shoes (made by Martin Moser) was exhibited together with creations of the famous Dutch shoe-designer Jan Janssen (www.janjansen.com).

Ancient Egyptian Leatherwork Project (AELP)

Our work on the so-called Tano Chariot (EMCP) will continue this fall. Focus of the work will be the drawing of the pieces and conservation. Related to this material is the chariot leather from Thutmosis IV, Amenhotep II and III, the study of which we hope to continue as well. One paper related to this project is in press:

What’s in a stitch. – Archaeological Leather Group Newsletter.

The book “Amarna’s Leatherwork. Part I. Preliminary Analysis and Catalogue” will be republished by Sidestone Press (www.sidestone.nl) later this year.

The book “Sandals, Shoes and Other Leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit. Analysis and Catalogue” (http://www.leatherandshoes.nl/ancient-egyptian-leatherwork-project-aelp/) will be published by Sidestone Press (www.sidestone.nl) and is expected to become available in several weeks.